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A Brief History of Roach Motel:

1963, Sheboygan, NJ - Bob Fetz is born.

1980, Gainesville, FL - Roach Motel play their first gig, opening up for the Bazookas at a tiny, out-of-the-way dive for about six people and a toothless bartender. A legend is born.

1984 - After an illustrious career during which the boys find a real drummer; tour with Black Flag, Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies; play with Dead Kennedys, CH3, the Necros and others, get lucky, release four records (including the mind-blowing punk compilation, "We Can't Help it if We're from Florida" and their debut "Roach & Roll", both of which are highly sought-after collector's items), the band finally implodes from the pressures of fame, money, and punk cred. In a haze of booze, broads, and Percodan, the members scatter across the US.

Last known whereabouts:

  • Bob Fetz - Spotted on the "F" train to Brooklyn mumbling, "I am Gilligan."
  • George Tabb - Founded the world-wide Punk Television (Ptv) media empire.
  • Jeff Hodapp - Runs a successful flamingo farm in South Florida
  • Frank Mullen - Producer of pornographic movies
  • Paul Miller - Headmaster of a conservative private school recently in the news
  • Eric Engan - Last seen on "America's Most Wanted" (reward pending)
  • Russ Avery - Leads a chain of mail-order church franchises
  • Chad Watson - Voted "most improved" at 1999 Amateur Tattooist's Convention

2001 - No one remembered, no one asked for it, no one even cares... but they're back.

Click here for more info on the essential Roach Motel CD, Worstest Hits. They ain't lyin'!

July, 2002 - Vintage live tracks from Roach Motel released on a split 12" (w/Hated Youth). Good lord, did it really sound this good back in the day? Find out for yourself. Click here to order or check back soon for more details.

March, 2003 - First live shows in nearly two decades! All-orignal lineup plays to enthralled fans (many not yet born when when Roach & Roll was released), and smash beer sales records at Eddie C's in Gainesville.

March/April 2004 - Roach Motel plays ten shows through Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. The grand finale is in Tampa with the Pink Lincolns. it's the end of an era...

Jan., 2007 - Roach Motel enters the 20th century (kicking and screaming) with a brand-new MySpace page. Check it out, motherfuckers!