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2004's monumental tour of the Southeast was a Walla Walla-style hell-raise, y'all.

It's unlikely the "incredile" Roach Motel will ever play live again - if you were among the fortunate souls that witnessed the mighty punk onslaught, consider yourself lucky. Some photos here.

The shows were: Miami, FL @ Churchill's w/AC Cobra, The Crumbs, F; Boynton Beach, FL @ Red Lion Pub w/Die Stinkin', The Heatseekers; Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial w/Suicide Bombs, Mommy's Mistakes, Shit Thieves, Negative Saints; Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub w/The Amputees, Green Goblyn Project; Tallahassee, FL @ Big Daddy's w/Convicted, White Trash Messiahs; Chattanooga, TN @ Ziggy's w/Grabass Charlestons, Plug Uglies, Jack Palance Band; Atlanta, GA @ Echo Lounge w/Lust , The Malarkies; Gainesville, FL @ Eddie C's w/Suicide Bombs, Sugardish, Crash Pad; and Tampa, FL @ Green Room w/Pink Lincolns, Rehab, Sugardish

March, 2003: Roach Motel's triumphant live shows in Gainesville and Tampa rocked the house like a drunken souse. With all-original members, these were the Rockin' Roach Motel's first shows in almost 20 years! Check the "Photos" section for a brief glimpse.

Still available: Tour 2003 T-shirts! Also, the Roach Motel / Hated Youth Live Split 12". This baby is HOT. Click here to order.

Also: "Worstest Hits" CD on Destroy Records. First Destroy release in 18 years, a reissue of the extrememly rare Roach Motel tracks from "Roach & Roll", "We Can't Help it if We're from Florida," and their other disks, PLUS 3 live track, unheard by human ears. Click here to give it a listen.

Back from the dead - not by popular demand, but because they're too old to hear the screaming - "No, no no!"

Roach Motel, Gainesville, Florida's legendary punk gods, have returned for one final slab of hot vinyl - I mean poly-silicone carbonium, or whatever it is the kids are using to make records these days.

Also in the Roach Store are an assortment of white-hot releases from the best and worst that Florida has to offer - The Drug Czars and the Trash Monkeys. Featuring ex-members of Roach Motel, the Eat, Broken Talent and Harry Pussy in assorted evil combinations, these disks are steamin' like a monkey in a microwave.

Check inside to find out more about the upcoming Roach Motel tour, new CD and the other stuff. Your mind will be glad your brain decided to check 'em out. Be nice and maybe we'll add some more crap.