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Destroy Records / Fruitbat Entertainment 2007 Catalog

(order now, the homeless guys have already picked up all the aluminum cans on our street)

 Vintage T-SHIRTS - Tour 2003 - High-quality black T-shirts available in M, L or XL. CLICK HERE to view artwork on front of shirt. ONLY $10.00 ppd. ONLY A FEW LEFT.

Roach Motel / Hated Youth LIVE : split 12" - remastered from original tapes long-lost in the official Florida Punk Vault. Never-before-heard live tracks from two of Florida's punk rock pioneers. Includes a foxy version of "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" by America's sweethearts, Roach Motel. $7.00 ppd.

Roach Motel: Worstest Hits CD - 20-song overview of the best these creeps had to offer. All tracks recorded 1981-1984. Includes live and unreleased songs and songs from both EP's and compilations. (Destroy 07) - $10.00 ppd. ORDER NOW, this CD is going fast, and well never be repressed as long as Bob Fetz and Jeff Hodapp are both still living.

Drug Czars: On Venus 7" EP - Mike O'Brien (The Eat), Jeff H. (Roach Motel) and Chuck Loose (Chickenhead) team up on this 1998 release of South Florida punk rock. Their best & last record. (Fruitbat 01) - $3.00 ppd.

Gargirls/Drug Czars: split 7" - 2 songs from each band of godawful racket from 1997. This record catches the Gargirls during their screeching phase. (Destroy 06) - $2.50 ppd

Morbid Opera: -Jesus Loves You 7" EP - Found a few of these in a dark closet, 1983's amazing quirky artpunk release from this 75% female band. Some copies even come with vintage KBD-era fungus on the cover. (Sublapse 01) Please specify fungus or no fungus - Sorry, this record is SOLD OUT.

Trash Monkeys: -Pass Out CD - 19 songs from this band of loons who were also in Harry Pussy, Stun Guns and other wonderful South Florida bands. This was to be Fruitbat #02, before the lure of a major label wrecked all that. Recorded from 1987 through 1998 (Smitten 01) - SOLD OUT.

Killed by Florida LP - 20 songs on this questionable release. A box of these were retrieved from the evil libertines (and libertarians. And librarians) in an Entebbe-style late night raid on a South Florida warehouse. The less said about that the better. Includes The Eat, Roach Motel, F, and all of your favorite 1980's Florida bands. SOLD OUT.

Send hidden cash, money order or check (payable to Jeff H.) to:
Destroy Records
P.O. Box 772412
Coral Springs, FL 33077

For 2 items deduct $0.50 postage, for 3 items $1.00, etc...

Don't forget to include your name and address, milkweed!

Projects currently in R & D: The Eat, Morbid Opera, The Funyons, Trapped by Mormons and others who don't even know it yet.

Out of print:
Destroy 01 - Roach Motel - Roach & Roll EP
Destroy 02 - We Can't Help it if We're From Florida EP
Destroy 03 - Sector 4 - Disclexia EP
Destroy 04 - Roach Motel - What The Hell EP
Destroy 05 - F-Boys - Sinnin' Like Mad EP

Starcrunch 05 - Drug Czars debut 7"

Sorry, Charlie - only the best tasting music makes it past the discerning ears of Destroy Records and Fruitbat Entertainment.